Complete List of Property Management Services in the Baltimore Area

JBZ Management strives to provide a complete list of property management services around, so no matter what your investment portfolio looks like, you can trust that it will stay safe and grow always.


Full Leasing Services, Including Tenant Screening

  • In house: JBZ Management, markets each property in house utilizing all major search engines, online classifieds, flyers, off-site marketing and direct mail. Available properties are placed on craigslist, Hot Pads, Trulia, Zillow, locators, rentals and other online sites.
  • Tenant placement outsourcing: JBZ works with various tenant placement companies to help guarantee the most exposure possible for each property.
  • Procedure: Prospective tenants are screened for prior evictions, judgments, bankruptcies, criminal history, sex offender registry, terrorist activity, and credit worthiness. Tenants must also provide proof of income. JBZ follows all federal and state regulations to ensure you are in full compliance.
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Move In/Move Out Reports

JBZ Management uses a detailed checklist to inspect properties closely at the time of move out to document damage or irregularities. Photograph proofs are taken before and after tenants take possession to document any damage that have been incurred.

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JBZ handles maintenance problems of every sort. JBZ handymen, sub- contractors and reliable contractors to ensure quality work, quick turnaround and competitive pricing. Our in-house maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect property and take care of tenants.

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Rent Collection

Every month JBZ takes initiative, professional and diligent approach to collecting rents on time. Prior to the signing of a lease expectations and procedures are made clear to tenants.

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Money Distribution

Rent payments are disbursed in a timely manor through electronic direct deposit.

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Security Deposits

Security deposits are always handed to owners. JBZ management does not hold onto deposits unless instructed by owner specifically. We expect to collect first month’s rent as a proper deposit for all rentals. Adjustments can be made as invectives, however with approval by owner.

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Eviction Services/Suit Filings

Following a five-day grace period, we begin the paperwork on legal proceedings regardless of the situation or excuse. JBZ Management is experienced in landlord-tenant laws and, when necessary, swift and professional steps are taken to guarantee a smooth eviction course. The entire eviction process is handled so the owner does not have to.

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Lease Terms

JBZ Managements lease is extremely thorough. It details tenants responsibilities, liability and right to termination. If in such case a tenant chooses to terminate lease early JBZ Management can file for judgement on tenant in case owner chooses to pursue suit and/ or tenant forfeits their security deposit and may be held accountable for property damage. Lease addendums are added for pets, clinical or heath reasons and property insurance. In addition along with the signing of a lease tenants must provide proof of renters insurance.

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Lead Paint

Before a property can be rented; as required by state and federal laws, any property built before 1978 must have a lead certification administered. JBZ management can assist you through obtaining a proper lead cert. We handle the process and provide a list of qualified lead inspectors, get the work done and follow up for certification.

rental registration

Rental Registration

All rental properties must be registered with the appropriate jurisdiction according to new laws require. In Baltimore City, this entails submission of a registration form, but the surrounding counties require that a licensed inspector survey the property. We schedule, pass and obtain registration for clients.

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Routine Inspections

Safety and property conditions of the property. JBZ Management performs in-house inspections and well as voucher program inspections; such as section 8, HUD, Catholic charities, RAP, VASH etc. Property interiors and exteriors are inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are being well maintained by tenants. If a concern is raised we will inform you and/or tenants.

month and annual finances

Monthly and Annual Financial Statements

Each month you will receive a statement showing income and expenses for specific properties. Included with also be a balance ledger, detailed report of maintenance per location and PNL.